About Us

Who are we?

MRKD Digital Marketing is based out of Ottawa, Canada. Established in 2017 with the desire to help companies put their plans into action, we work closely with existing business owners to establish and grow their facilities further. 

How was MRKD created? 

Originally MRKD was not a thought in our minds, prior to MRKD Digital Marketing our founder established his own company called PRIM8TE (prim8teapparel.com/)   www.instagram.com/prim8te_apparel/

At 19 years old he created an anti-bullying brand that would help inspire the Prim8te community to seek humility and find self-empowerment. Years later the company now has over 11k followers among its social media platforms, an ever increasing customer base from around the globe and athletes representing the brand among the UFC and other professional organizations. 

As the brand grew, fitness companies and gym owners started approaching with the desire to grow their own businesses. We wanted to help, so here we are a few years later having worked with small gyms to complete franchisees, it has been one heck of a journey. 

Why is the MRKD agency any different?

Well for starters, we understand that operating your own business is stressful and financially limited. Therefore paying someone else to market your vision is not exactly feasible. We understand how difficult marketing is, how valuable even the smallest amount of your money spent is, and most importantly that you need to see results. Not many marketing agencies can say they have actually built their own company, or successful ones for that matter. Therefore the fact that we can say that, should give you a little more comfort in trusting us to help grow YOUR business. 

How can MRKD help your business?

We are a team that is extremely passionate about digital marketing. Social media platforms are constantly changing, therefore it is our job to keep your business relevant and finding results. We are consistently researching new strategies, consulting with other online companies and always putting your company at the forefront of importance. We want you to be successful and we want to give you results. Our team works hard 24/7, and is always here to ensure that your business is growing. 

How can we get started? 

MRKD Digital Marketing is purely run online, you can message us at anytime via the contact page with your marketing needs and requests and we will respond as soon as possible.