Rebranding & Design





Part of our job at MRKD Digital Marketing is to add value to your business.
The Content

Whether it be Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin or Youtube, your content has to appeal to the client. There are multiple strategies to ensure your social media content is getting the proper engagement. Having run multiple social media platforms we know what works and what does not.

The Logo

A unique logo provides incredible value to a business, it is the first thing that makes you stand out from everyone else. Whether your business be an apparel brand, a fitness centre or a law firm, the logo says everything about who you are. We have designed over hundreds of logos for local and international companies across the globe. If you feel that re-branding is a decision that could benefit your business, MRKD promises to deliver a design that will without a doubt stand out amongst the competition.


Depending on the market, a customers attention span is generally less than 10 seconds, if they are not convinced after the first 10 seconds, you've lost their interest and it will be harder to draw them back. A landing page that appeals to the consumer is crucial, therefore you want to make sure that your info is displayed simply, the page is easy to browse and the overall layout is clean and professional.