Social Media Marketing

Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click advertising relies on the quality of the content, using key targeting strategies according to your business model, as well as finding the perfect audience that will supply results. The ultimate goal is to deliver results while spending your budget appropriately.

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Social Media Marketing

As a present day business owner, entrepreneur or marketing director we have to face the facts. It's 2020 and almost every single person across the globe is active on Facebook, Instagram and Google. Millions of people are using these platforms, and the numbers are only increasing. 




So if you are not already advertising your business among these platforms, you are behind and the time to change that, is now.

MRKD Marketing understands that as a new or existing business owner, advertising budgets are slim, so trusting an agency with this responsibility is definitely a risk. We are here to assure you that we understand this risk. Having helped grow many successful companies, we promise you that we can add value to your business using marketing strategies that have been proven to work. 

Facebook Pixel

Facebook and Instagram specific campaigns, geo targeting, bid management, successful conversions.  

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Ads Manager

Analytics, ad words, search engine optimization and landing pages.